Custom Painting

We turn the furniture you already own...into the furniture you really want.
You look around your home and you see outdated furniture that you'd love to replace with something more up-to-date. The problem is, when you look at what's available today, you don't see furniture of the same quality as what you already have. Your style has changed over the years and now your furniture can, a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

Every week we work on furniture for customers who want to save money by keeping the furniture they already have but want it updated for their needs today.

For example:
Dark wood 'matchy-matchy' dining sets
Kitchen tables that are the perfect size but have seen years of heavy use
Grown children's bedroom furniture that now needs to be updated for a guest room
The 'workhorse' coffee table that's solidly built and just right for the space but has seen better days
Mismatched furniture pieces that need to look cohesive together

Customized Finishes
We are always excited to work with our customers to create just the right finish for their project. From simple vintage looks to smooth modern finishes, two color rustic finishes, color washes and so much more. Cori's Vintage Corner creates beautiful, unique finishes for beautiful, unique homes.

Free Consultations
If you want us to work on a project for you, send photos of your furniture and questions to, our paint consultations are always FREE.